How to fry an egg

how to fry an egg

Knowing how to fry an egg is one of those basic skills that you’ll use again and again. Here’s how to make a great fried egg in five easy steps. No need to buy a special pan just for frying eggs — any pan will do. A fried egg is a beautiful thing. Achieve the perfect fried egg with a crispy bottom and runny yolk. Simple yet satisfying, it can be enjoyed in a variety of dishes from breakfast to dinner. Fried eggs are an essential part of so many cuisines. Just consider a full English breakfast – it really isn’t the same with scrambled or. How to fry an egg. 1. Place the frying pan over a medium heat, with ½ tablespoon of fat left from frying bacon (or groundnut, grapeseed or olive oil) in it. As soon as it is hot (with a very faint shimmer on the surface), carefully break in the egg. 2. Make perfect fried eggs with this simple how-to from Food Network. You'll get them right every time, whether you like them sunny-side up or over easy. Learn how to make a great fried egg with our quick and easy step-by-step guide. To find hundreds more recipes and how to videos visit Learning how to fry an egg helps you achieve fried-egg perfection. Discover how to make fried eggs by following these simple steps from the Incredible Egg. How to Fry an Egg. Flipping your fried eggs is one of the most intimidating acts of any beginner breakfast chef. The goal of a lightly crispy, well-cooked white and a runny yolk is not difficult to get, however, with a little practice. I teach the viewers how to fry an egg. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Follow these step-by-step tips from Food Network that will teach you how to make perfect fried eggs, whether you like them sunny-side up or over easy. Learning how to fry an egg is a skill that you can use again and again, and it’s an easy way to start your day off right. You can also get creative with textures and flavors by adding shredded cheese or other toppings. or more information on cooking eggs, check out our tips for How to Make Scrambled Eggs, and How to Hard Boil Eggs.