How to make sauerkraut

how to make sauerkraut

How to make Sauerkraut - The Happy Pear - Duration: 8:16. The Happy Pear 93,206 views. 8:16. Pickles: Naturally Fermented and Delicious (captions in English, Spanish, and German) - Duration: 7. Homemade Sauerkraut Making sauerkraut at home is easy, economical, and delicious! Note: Takes 1 to 4 weeks to ferment. From Erica Kastner of Buttered Side Up. Serves 16 Ingredients: PW Food & Friends Homemade Ingredients 2-1/2 pounds Head Of Cabbage 3-3/4 teaspoons To 5 Teaspoons Salt, Or About 1 1/2 To 2 Teaspoons Per Pound Of Cabbage Instructions: Weigh your cabbage to see how much salt you. Learn how to make sauerkraut from scratch and then ferment to your heart's content with these 12 easy steps plus some easy tips and tricks. 1. Slicing, Pounding, and Kneading Cabbage. Thinly slice cabbage, salt it, then pound it with a tool such as the Cabbage Crusher or Pickle Packer for about 10 minutes, or until enough juice is released to form a brine and completely cover the cabbage. Move the cabbage and juice to fermentation containers, weight the cabbage down to keep it below the brine. Have been into the fermenting for quite some time now. I usually do 10 grams of salt for each kilogram of raw cabbage. The brine for refilling - half a teaspoon of salt per 250 ml cold water. Sauerkraut is made by a process called lacto-fermentation. To put it (fairly) simply: There is beneficial bacteria present on the surface of the cabbage and, in fact, all fruits and vegetables. Lactobacillus is one of those bacteria, which is the same bacteria found in yogurt and many other cultured products. How to Make Sauerkraut. If you crave the distinctive flavor of sauerkraut, learn to make the fermented cabbage at home. Plan ahead if you'd like to ferment the sauerkraut in the traditional manner. Pound shredded cabbage that you've salted. Learn how to make sauerkraut from fresh cabbage, with tips for the best sauerkraut and recipes using your homemade sauerkraut from The Forgotten Arts by Yankee Books. How to Make Sauerkraut Making your own healthy and delicious sauerkraut at home is easy and economical. This is the perfect recipe for beginners and using a jar rather than a crock allows you to see the transformation from cabbage to kraut.