How much to tip

how much to tip

There’s actually significant disagreement about how much to tip for even common services. For example, you know you should tip your waitress. But how much should you leave? How to Tip in All Situations. 11 Minute Read Odds are, you’ve thought about one of these age-old questions: Should I tip the barista? This waiter? My hair stylist? The valet? The person who has to go to the back to grab me the right shoe size? The usher. Every service industry has its own tipping norm, which often causes customers to question how much to tip and when. Tim Urban, from Wait But Why, a self-described procrastination website, took. Inside United States: Tipping & Etiquette - Before you visit United States, visit Tripadvisor for the latest info and advice, written for travelers by travelers. Confused by tips, service charges and gratuities? You’re not alone. Many customers are still uncertain how much to leave and who the money goes to. Kara Gammell finds out How much to tip? Well, it depends. 4 tips to make it less taxing. Contact Us Help Center My Account Give Feedback Get Home Delivery eNewspaper USA TODAY Shop Reprints & Permissions Advertise. How much to tip If you ask 10 people how much to tip in a given situation, you'll get several answers and a slew of hot-headed opinions about the right thing to do. Answer 11 of 29: Hi, appreciate advice on how much and when to tip? And is it ok to ask the person am I meant to tip you? Do I tip in every situation of customer service or I tip even when I don't think it was exceptional? These are the situations I'm. How much to tip for hospitality: Hotel Housekeeper: $2-5 per night in a hotel, says Parker and Smith.The tip should be left “daily near the pillow on the unmade bed,” as “housekeepers work. When and how much to tip can depend on any number of factors, including the specific situation, service, or even the location. Tipping used to be about showing appreciation for good service, but as minimum wage has plateaued (federal minimum wage is $7.25), workers have come to depend on it.