How to become a firefighter

how to become a firefighterhow to become a firefighterhow to become a firefighterhow to become a firefighter

How to Become a Firefighter. Firefighters are true heroes who go above and beyond to ensure the safety of their country's citizens. The job is not only noble, but it is highly coveted, with an average salary of over 47,000 dollars a year. Firefighter Careers Basics. Firefighters receive expert training that prepares them to handle a variety of emergency situations. Though fighting fires are what they are best known for (as the name implies), firefighters also handle medical emergencies, rescuing and treating the injured, educating the public and more. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How To Become A Firefighter. September 3, 2017 Donald Jarrett. No other profession in the world is as risky as being a firefighter. Thus, one can’t help but wonder why thousands of applicants are still falling in line just to have a chance to be one of these modern day heroes. How to Become a Firefighter in Texas. If you want to become a firefighter in Texas, you need to check your city’s official website to find out the requirements in detail. This is because these requirements vary from city to city especially when it comes to minimum age requirements. Richard McMunn teaches you how to become a firefighter. Get tips on passing the application form, tests & interview and find out more with How2Become. Find out how to pass the firefighter application form, the firefighter tests, the firefighter medical and interview here. After hearing so much of praise about these brave individuals, you must have developed a slight desire to become one yourself. So, find out how to become a firefighter in the following paragraphs. Meet Basic Requirements. To be a firefighter, you need to be a minimum of 18 years of age. How to Become a Firefighter Firefighting Overview. Becoming a firefighter is not easy. You tell people I want to be a firefighter because you've always wanted to be one since you were a kid. A career firefighter is a great job. There are no two days the same. You'll never know what's the next call. Page Content How to Become a Firefighter Select Your State What Do Firefighters Do? Types of Firefighters Salaries & Job Growth Steps to Becoming a Firefighter Certifications Career Advancement Should You Become a Firefighter? Going Away Tip: How to Become… Continue Reading → If you ask a local how to become a firefighter, many will tell you they started as a volunteer. Departments will often have openings for people to do a wide range of volunteer services, including community service. You may help around the station or staff a table at a community fair.