How to block sites on chrome

how to block sites on chromehow to block sites on chromehow to block sites on chromehow to block sites on chrome

How to Block a Website in Google Chrome. This wikiHow teaches you how to prevent a specific website or group of sites from being accessible while using Google Chrome by using the free, third-party Chrome extension, Block Site. You can also. Thanks for coming to the Chrome Community. There isn't a built-in feature to block websites in Google Chrome, however there are several 3rd party Chrome extensions that can help you do this. How to Block a Website in Chrome. You have several options to block a specific website in Chrome: You can use a Chrome extension that will block websites or you can use Chrome’s built-in feature for blocking websites. While extensions make it super easy to block sites, extensions can be easily turned off. How to Block a Website in Google Chrome. By: Nicole Vulcan. Share; Share on Facebook; Whether it's you or the kids who are spending too much time on certain websites -- or you've encountered a site with too many pop-ups -- you may find a need to block the offending site. How to Block a Website on Google Chrome. You may want to block a website or websites on Google Chrome for different reasons. Many websites can distract people from their work and many of them are not suitable for children. How to Block Websites on Chrome Android (Mobile) If you often surf the web via Chrome on your Android device, you might need to block certain websites to ensure increased productivity at all times of day. Commit to productivity, control distractions and stay focused with BlockSite, the No.1 website blocker!🚫 ️Recommended by Tech Advisor magazine - May 22, 2018. Más concentración y productividad. Bloquea fácilmente los sitios web que te distraen o pueden ocasionar daño. ¡Deja de procrastinar! Bloquea sitios web fácilmente - No se necesita autodisciplina Recomendado por la revista Tech Advisor - 22 de mayo de 2018.