How to cut an avocado

how to cut an avocado

How to cut an avocado. Use this technique to yield the most avocado meat while keeping it pretty for presentation. All you need are simple kitchen tools like a cutting board, large chef’s knife, spoon, and kitchen towel to get you closer to enjoying that creamy green flesh. Work carefully and slowly until you get the hang of the technique. How to cut an avocado (Without cutting your hand). For a long time, I cut avocados in the palm of my hand, unprotected. I have had a few close calls and knew it was time to change my technique! Here’s how to cut an avocado (safely!): protect your hand with a dish towel; work a paring knife around the avocado; twist the avocado and pull apart Avocados are among the world's most perfect foods. But preparing an avocado can be a slippery, messy task. Follow these simple steps to cut an avocado like a pro. How to cut an avocado. Skill level. Easy. Slice all the way around the avocado lengthways with a sharp knife – you will feel the knife hitting the avocado stone inside. Here’s our step by step guide for how to cut an avocado, including a video of me cutting avocado slices in our kitchen. Related: 20 Knife Skills Videos: How to Cut Everything! How to cut an avocado step by step Step 1 This is a guide for how to cut an avocado. Below you’ll find tips on how to choose a ripe avocado, and then successfully cut slices or dice cubes for sandwiches, in salads and yes, even, on toast. I’ll share with you my tips for how to safely cut an avocado and minimize waste; because no one wants to waste one precious piece of this pricey fruit – yup, the avocado is actually a berry. How to Cut an Avocado. Don't be daunted by this delicious morsel of food. Avocados are about as easy to cut as they are good for you. Then, when you've finally extracted the avocado meat, there's no shortage of things that you can do. With. 1 Grip the avocado gently on one side with one hand. With a large, sharp knife in the other hand, cut the avocado lengthwise around the seed. Open the two halves to expose the pit. 2a At this point there are a few ways you can proceed to remove the pit from the avocado half that has the pit. One way is to use a spoon to scoop out the pit. How to Cut an Avocado. Avocados are one of those fruit that can be a little mysterious to cut because right in the center is a big round seed and without its skin on, it's a slippery fruit to hold on to. Learn how to unravel this mystery. Grab a sharp knife and let's get started!