How to find ring size

how to find ring size

Ring Size Guide : How to know measure. Follow our 3D 'Ring Size Guide Video' to know your ring size. Follow the method and do it thrice to avoid errors. Any other topic where a Video will be. Instructions Things You'll NeedRulerThin strip of paperCut a thin strip of paperWrap the paper around your finger. Make sure the paper is below the joint Before you sit down to measure your ring size, there are a few how-to pointers you should keep in mind: Consider your knuckle. If you know your knuckle is on the larger side, you should order half a size bigger than what your finger alone indicates, otherwise you won’t be able slide a ring into the right place. Comfort Fit is a ring that is domed in the inside, it has a smaller diameter then the edges of the ring. (dome is where the ring touches the finger) Comfort fit wedding band rings are recommended for men, because it is easier to pass over a large knuckle when putting on or removing the ring. We get a lot of questions about ring size here at Enso. Because we sell a lot of our rings online, our customers don’t get a chance to try a ring on before they buy it. That’s why we offer a ring size guide that can help you get the right fit. Ring size is a measurement used to denote the circumference of jewellery and smart rings. Measure. An analogic sizing ring stick. Ring sizes can be measured physically by a paper, plastic or metal ring sizer (as. To find your ring size, wrap a flexible measuring tape around the widest part of your finger, near the knuckle. Aim for a snug but comfortable fit, and make sure to measure the exact finger where you plan to wear the ring, since even the same finger on different hands can be different sizes. Learn how to measure your ring size and determine the right fit for you using our free ring size chart. Don’t know how to measure ring size? Use The Knot’s guide and ring size chart to determine ring sizing for your engagement ring or wedding ring.