How to get motivated

how to get motivated

Dont know how to get motivated, even when you know needs to be done? Remind yourself that if you waste this opportunity, this one chance, you’ll never get another. Your minutes, hours and days come around one time – and it’s up to you to live the life you want, right now. You were not born to fail. How to Get Motivated. Getting started on a project, dream, or task can seem scary and daunting at first if you don't feel like you have a reason for doing it. By taking steps to get motivated, you'll be able to reach your goals, tackle new. By Leo Babauta. Even the most motivated of us — you, me, Tony Robbins — can feel unmotivated at times. In fact, sometimes we get into such a slump that even thinking about making positive changes seems too difficult. Getting motivated is hard, but we've got tips and tricks to help you stay two steps ahead of procrastination. When you're depressed, you're not functioning at your usual 70 to 90%. Rather, you're sitting somewhere closer to 20%. If you set the same expectations for yourself that you had when you weren't feeling depressed (which is sometimes just getting dressed), you're going to feel anxious and overwhelmed and probably won't do the task you expected from yourself (and thus will feel defeated and. Want to learn how to get motivated? On this page you will learn a step-by-step checklist on what you need to do to get inspired and take action towards getting stuff done! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push( ); START HERE The most important thing you need to understand about how motivation works is this: You will always move towards what you define as being more “pleasurable. How to get motivated? Meet Nancy. I used to have a colleague by the name of Nancy. She came to work at the same time every morning, and would leave at 6.30 sharp every evening. Not a minute earlier, not a minute later. In today’s podcast, I share my 5 top fav tips for creating motivation. Trust me, these mojo inducing magically tips will have you crushing your to-do list in no time! How to get motivated again: If you want to keep your motivation flowing steadily through all stages of your projects, take time to create clear project plans and to schedule your plans into your calendar. Write down all of your “I-don’t-know-how-to” concerns and turn these into research questions. How to Get Motivated: 3 Steps For Developing Your Routine. Step 1: A good pre–game routine starts by being so easy that you can’t say no to it. You shouldn’t need motivation to start your pre–game routine. For example… My writing routine starts by getting a glass of water. So easy, I can’t say no.