How to get rid of earwigs

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Obviously, this isn’t true, but finding a large earwig infestation can be an unsettling discovery. Thankfully, getting rid of earwigs doesn’t require a lot of effort. This article also focuses on how to prevent an earwig infestation and how to get rid of earwigs if they have become established indoors. How to Get Rid of Earwigs. Earwigs, or pincher bugs, can be a nuisance but it is possible to get rid of them. These bugs are relatively harmless, but they will feast on plant leaves and decaying wood, causing damage. Earwigs thrive in damp. All about earwig bugs: what they are, what they eat, how they behave, where they live, and how Orkin pest control can help get rid of earwigs. Do you have an earwig problem? I discovered a way to reduce the amount of earwigs by using vegetable oil and soy sauce. As bad as earwigs look, many people wonder whether they are garden pests. While earwigs (Forficula auricularia) do feed on tender shoots and can occasionally make a holey mess of leaves and even flowers, the amount of damage they cause shouldn’t present a major problem in most gardens. Get Rid Of Earwigs. Appearance. Earwigs are easily recognizable by their pincers (forceps harmless to humans) at the ends of their abdomen. They are dark reddish-brown, with light brown legs, and are about 5/8 inch long. If you don’t know how to get rid of earwigs, you can start with tap water and whatever brand of dish soap you have in the kitchen. Fill a spray bottle with warm water and add a few drops of soap. Shake the bottle until the content turns soapy. You should spray the mixture across the leaves of the plants in your garden or home to kill the insects. How to Get Rid of Earwigs. Generally, earwigs are not as much of a threat to your garden as other pests, like Japanese beetles and aphids, but they can be as big of an annoyance! They can also produce a foul odor when disturbed, so be careful. Try these remedies: Different chemicals can also be used to get rid of earwigs permanently. It includes different insecticide sprays, dust or aerosol. Cockroach traps can also help in moving earwigs out of your locality.