How to get to isle of thunder

how to get to isle of thunder

Comment by Hairband I came here because I thought you had a guide to the 1-man scenarios. Then I saw a link to a video for Tank Spot. I'm probably not going to go off Wowhead to look for information which should be linked here, though. Comment by Kasperion I hate to say it but, in my opinion, this has to be one of the most poorly designed zones in WoW. Don't even think to try using the mini-map to get from point A to point B, just go out and familiarize yourself with the isle, it'll save you a lot of headaches. See also: Isle of Thunder/Rare mobs Isle of Thunder Level 90 Races Zandalar troll Mogu Blood elf High elf Human Night elf Pandaren Saurok Troll Tauren Draenei Forsaken Gnome Mag'har Ruler Lei Shen Major settlements Throne of Thunder, Dawnseeker Promontory, Violet Rise Affiliation. How to Get to Isle of Thunder. The Isle of Thunder is located at the north-west side of Townlong Steppes. It has some amazing things to discover as like war efforts stages. You need to follow a basic way to get into the Isle of Thunder Island. As it’s a simple task to complete. The Isle of Thunder is an island found northwest of Kun-Lai Summit and Townlong Steppes. Members of the newly-formed Kirin Tor Offensive and the Sunreaver Onslaught are facing off to lay claim to the isle before the other faction does. Members of the Shado-Pan Assault are united in their singular drive to take down Lei Shen at his seat of power. Never been to the Isle of Thunder, how in the hell do I get there?!?!? submitted 3 years ago by pooptypeuptypantss. Really want to do my green fire quest, and to start it I need to find the tome that drops from the rare spawns on the Isle of Thunder. Only. You need to complete the Isle of Thunder introduction quests. You get the initial quest automatically upon entering wither the shrine of two moons (horde) or shrine of seven stars (alliance). You then have to head over to Townlong Steps, Shadow-pa.