How to grill asparagus

how to grill asparagus

Grilling just may be the best way to cook asparagus. First, as you'll see below, grilled asparagus is crazy easy. Second, the charred, smoky flavor the grill adds highlights the grassy essence of asparagus. Third, grilled asparagus tastes just as good straight off the grill as it does at warm room temperature an hour later, making it a great addition to large parties or buffets by letting you. How to grill asparagus. Preheat a grill to medium-high heat (about 375°F–400°F). Place the trimmed and seasoned spears on the grill in the opposite direction of the grill grates. You want a single layer, but some can overlap. Asparagus is grilled with a little oil, salt, and pepper for a simple summer side dish. How to grill asparagus. How to roast asparagus. Grilled asparagus can be made using a grill pan, a hot grill, or if the weather allows, on the barbecue. This cooking method takes a short amount of time, with the direct high heat adding a distinctive charred flavour to the asparagus. When it's nice out, always grill your vegetables.Those grill marks equal flavor and can make pretty much any green vegetable feel like less of a chore. For perfect grilled asparagus every time: Perfect grilled asparagus just got easier. Thick asparagus spears are best for skewering and grilling. Not only are they easier to skewer, but they’re also less likely to overcook on the grill. Editor's note: The recipe and introductory text below are adapted from Elizabeth Karmel's Web site, Grilling asparagus miraculously transforms it from the kind of vegetable. Mmm. Asparagus. You can steam them, boil them, roast them, but I don’t think anything beats the flavor of asparagus that are simply grilled. The smoky flavor, the char marks. Tender, but still with a little crunch. Seriously good! I could (and have) eat them like French fries. How to Grill Asparagus. Ready to learn how to grill asparagus? Here’s what you need to do: First, trim the bottom of the asparagus spears to remove the woody ends. You can trim the spears with a knife, or use your hands to break them. Hold the end of a spear in one hand, and bend the spear until it snaps. How to Grill Asparagus on BBQ. July 4, 2020 By Brenda Kipkemoi. Pinterest; Share; 0 shares. Thinking of hosting a bombshell BBQ for your colleagues, mates, or family? While the meat is often always the center of attraction for such a plan, you’re definitely going to need a few side dishes to go with the spread.