How to make cannabutter

how to make cannabutter

Once you know how to make cannabutter, you can transform just about any of your favorite recipes into a heavenly infused delight! Edibles are fantastic for those who can’t smoke or would like to enjoy a more intense and lasting experience. How to make cannabutter with wax Adding wax or shatter to your butter is a sure-fire way to make extremely potent edibles. Making cannabutter from BHO (butane hash oil) is very similar to making cannabutter from RSO. Only, you need to decarboxylate your oil before melting it into your butter. Before making your cannabutter, you’ll need to decarboxylate, or “decarb”, the cannabis flower you’re working with. Skipping this step will result in a weak or inactive finished product. Learn how to make cannabutter. Here's the best cannabis-infused butter recipe in America, by chef Laurie Wolf, with info on THC dosage and decarboxylation. The process of how to make cannabutter is something of an enigma in weed culture. Everyone has their own tricks and tips, and everyone seems to get different results. In fact, it’s this last aspect of edibles that people often complain about; the lack of consistency. ~~~ STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS & RECIPE BELOW!! ~~~ Make POTENT homemade edibles with this easy to follow cannabutter recipe! Excellent for individuals with chronic pain, arthritis, stress, and more. How to Make Cannabutter | No Water Technique for Edibles and Topicals - Duration: 12:18. West Coast DIY Mama 9,107 views. 12:18. How to Make Cannabis Infused Butter - Duration: 1:57.