How to make mashed potatoes

how to make mashed potatoeshow to make mashed potatoeshow to make mashed potatoeshow to make mashed potatoes

Potatoes are blended with warmed butter and milk to create those perfect, smooth mashed potatoes everyone loves. I love me some mashed potatoes. You can safely say I’m obsessed with any kind of potatoes, honestly. Tell me I’m not the only one! For the holidays, for special occasions, and to go along with any good comfort food meal, potatoes have to be involved. For this recipe, I tried heavy cream instead How to Make Mashed Potatoes: Scrub and peel the potatoes, then cut them into quarters. Cutting the potatoes into uniform-sized pieces means they will cook evenly. Bring a pot of salted water to a boil. Just boil enough water to cover the potatoes. How to Make Simple Mashed Potatoes. It's hard to think of a more classic side dish than a bowl of mashed potatoes. Always served at the holidays, mashed potatoes are one of those rare festive foods that also make appearances throughout the. Today I'm sharing with you a recipe for how to make perfect mashed potatoes! Even if you already know how to make these, I've got a few tips and tricks that will make it turn out perfectly smooth and fluffy. This is also a great Thanksgiving dinner recipe. So if you would like to learn how to make mashed potatoes then just follow. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. How To Make Mashed Potatoes. Mashed Potatoes are super simple to make with very few ingredients. I love making Crock Pot mashed potatoes and Instant Pot mashed potatoes, but I really do think these are the best mashed potatoes ever.The real key to making the BEST creamy mashed potatoes is to get the consistency right. These heavenly mashed potatoes are made using buttery Yukon Gold potatoes, cream, butter, milk, salt, and pepper. This is a classic recipe, perfect for Thanksgiving, Easter, and everything in between! There’s a reason that homemade mashed potatoes are a classic holiday tradition. They’re a comforting reminder of the very best times gathered together around a table. But don’t just make them a few times a year—this recipe for easy mashed potatoes can become your year-round favorite. How to make mashed potatoes. By • November 10, 2016 • In Christmas, Family cooking, How to, Thanksgiving. There are few things more delicious, comforting or simple to make than a great dollop of buttery, smooth mashed potatoes! Christmas side dishes. 1 / 12.