How to make milk tea

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Do you love bubble tea? Personally, I can’t walk past a bubble tea shop without suddenly craving one of these sweet, ice-cold beverages dotted with chewy boba tapioca pearls. It’s the most thirst-quenching snack I can think of. Fortunately for my addiction, bubble tea is super easy to make at Hong Kong milk tea is also known as pantyhose tea because it is often brewed in a large tea sock that resembles pantyhose. It has a smooth, creamy texture. How to Make Milk Tea. There are several different kinds of milk tea and we'll go over some of the most popular. Some teas, like our milk oolong tea, come with a creamy, milky taste right when you brew, while other tea blends such as Indian chai benefit from the addition of milk. brown sugar bubble milk 타피오카펄을 직접 만드는 흑당 버블 우유 / korean street food - Duration: 10:35. ETTV 이티티비 1,989,449 views How to Make Milk Tea Add a Lipton Black Tea teabag to your favorite cup. Boil water and pour it over the teabag. Wait 3 to 5 minutes for the tea to brew, without stirring or squeezing the teabag. Remove the teabag and pour in a dash of milk. How to Make Milk Tea. Author Info | Video Team Tested. Updated: September 3, 2019. Explore this Article Hot Milk Tea Iced Milk Tea Additional Types of Milk Tea Article Summary Questions & Answers Related Articles References. wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by.