How to make sticky rice

how to make sticky ricehow to make sticky ricehow to make sticky ricehow to make sticky rice

In this recipe, learn how to make sticky rice, the authentic Thai street food way. Make it like this, and it will be perfectly fluffy and moist. How to Make Sticky Rice in a Rice Cooker. While the stovetop works great for sticky rice, using a rice cooker is an even easier technique to try. For one, the rice cooker requires fewer steps than the stovetop and two, it’s rather foolproof with its timing. How to Make Sticky Rice No Rice Cooker Required. By Darlene Schmidt. Updated 10/06/19. Pin Share Email Leah Maroney. 01 of 07. Know Your Rice. Leah Maroney. Sticky rice can be purchased at Asian food stores. Also known as glutinous rice or sweet rice, this type of grain sticks together when cooked. Hot Thai Kitchen S1 • E14 How to Make Sticky Rice Fast! หุงข้าวเหนียวแบบไม่แช่ข้าว - Hot Thai Kitchen - Duration: 8:43. Pailin's Kitchen 355,161 views How to Make Sticky Rice: Instructions. Add the sticky rice to a mixing bowl or other deep container. Fill it with water so that the water level is at least 3 inches above the rice, as the rice will expand when soaking. This is a easy & perfect sticky rice. I've made it several times & have not had a failure yet. It comes from (a great recipe site). I cannot enter that you can use either short or medium grain rice, either one is okay. Do not use long grain. Also known as “sweet rice” or glutinous rice (though it’s gluten free), sticky rice is a large white grain that becomes translucent, shiny and extremely sticky when steamed Sticky rice is a staple in Laos, where it is especially beloved, but it has ardent fans throughout Asia Traditionally, it’s cooked over steam in a conical woven basket Soak the rice in a container that holds at least twice the volume of rice: Cover the rice with 2 to 3 inches of room-temperature water and soak for 6 to 24 hours. If you need to shorten the soaking time, soak the rice in warm (about 100 degree) water for 2 hours. The longer soak gives more flavor How to Make Sticky Rice. Sticky rice is that delightful concoction that can be found accompanying many Asian dishes, most often seen in Thai or Indonesian main courses. It's also known as sweet or glutinous rice. This specific kind of rice.