How to make sweet tea

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Many of the steps for how to make sweet tea are universal; they will look the same no matter where you are, like boiling the water and adding the tea bags and sugar to taste. However, Southerners know that one addition can keep your tea looking clear and tasting smooth—and that addition is baking soda. Frequently Asked Questions FOR THE SECRET TO PERFECT SOUTHERN SWEET TEA. This is so straightforward, there really aren’t many tricks. The first tip is USE GOOD WATER. If your water is overpoweringly loaded with chemicals so that it smells like a swimming pool, then use bottled water instead. I love this recipe! My man is from Ga and misses his sweet tea. This did the trick and thinks it is the BEST tea he has had. I double the recipe using 4 family sized tea bags and only add 10 c. How To Make Sweet Tea! - Duration: 15:37. Moss Family TV 33,069 views. 15:37. How to make the best Southern Sweet Tea EVER! - Duration: 5:22. MissChatter Haas 22,431 views. 5:22. Tips & Tricks 1 - Poor Man's Filet Mignon - Duration: 12:10. Cooking With Jack Show Recommended for you. How to Make Southern Sweet Tea. Southern sweet tea is a delicious, sweet, and tasty tea that's perfect for a refreshing treat in the middle of the day, or for entertaining guests. If you want to know how to make Southern sweet tea, just. Sweet tea is synonymous with Southern culture. When we order tea at a restaurant, we assume that the waiter will bring an ice-cold glass of sweet tea (maybe with lemon) that perfectly complements our meal. We serve tea at every Southern gathering, from funerals to baby showers to church potlucks. A I’ll never forget the time my family and I went to Boston to visit my sister. She was in college at the time and it was her birthday, so we all went out to eat. My stepdad asked the server for sweetened iced tea, and she gave him a very confused look. I had to say, “Um, dad, they don’t have Before you Southerners read this and start thinking, “Are you kidding me? Who doesn’t know how to make sweet tea?” — hear me out. I am Florida-born and Georgia-raised, but when I moved to California, one of the first things I noticed was that no one drinks sweet tea out here! I always keep a Nix the powdered junk. Pitch the ice tea brewer. If you want real sweet tea, you need a pot of boiling water, tea bags, and lots of sugar. Anything less just isn’t real sweet tea. Ask any Southerner how to make sweet tea and this is more or less the process they’ll walk you through. What kind of