How to measure penis

how to measure penis

A Step-by-Step Guide to Measure Your Penis Properly If measuring a penis the right way was as simple as slapping a ruler against your dick and calling it a day, this guide would not exist. How to Measure Your Penis Size Correctly. When you’re a man, you can’t help but wonder about penis size. Maybe it’s something about being masculine, or maybe you’re just curious. I don’t think I ever met a man that didn’t think about the size of his penis at one point or another during his life. Don't laugh: A condom that's too small can be uncomfortable. And one that's too loose can come off prematurely. So the best way to make sure the condoms you purchase for yourself or your loved one is to measure. Assumptions about penis size from finger length, foot size, and height are not supported by research. There’s Only One Correct Way to Measure a Penis. Breaking: Penis length is shorter when people aren't self-reporting. by Grant Stoddard. Apr 3 2018, 12:47pm. Share Tweet Snap. It’s important to measure your penis correctly because knowing how your body compares to the average, allows you to choose the perfect condom size. If your penis size is close to the averages above, then a standard sized condom should fit you just fine. How to measure penis size correctly? There is only one proper way to measure penis size, the method used in sexual and urinary medicine. If you want to compare against averages or just to be aware, it is best to use the this method. Thing is, the majority of men who obsess over having a penis they perceive as being too small, are well within the actual average range. That’s not entirely the fault of studies’ limitations. Measuring penises is both easy and complicated for several reasons. While the BJUI study is one of the most recent, the researchers add that, like all other studies, the participants in them might not represent the real diversity of penises in the world. A lot of these studies are made… How to Measure Penis Girth. It was reported by a Cosmopolitan survey that women prefer a girth of 5.9 inches when it comes to one-night stands. Therefore, flaccid girth and erect girth is important. If you're impatient like me, you can just go here, if you want to start improving girth immediately. How to Measure Girth: The Step-by-Step: You will need a ruler and a pen or pencil to write with when measuring your length. There are a lot of ways to measure your penis length. The most recommended procedure is called BPEL (Bone-Pressed Erect Length). For this procedure, you will need an erect penis before measuring.