How to message someone on youtube

how to message someone on youtube

How to Message Someone on YouTube. Part of the series: Computer & Internet Skills. Messaging someone on YouTube is something that you can do by logging into your account and finding their username. Message someone on YouTube with help from an administrative specialist as well as a computer expert and hardware specialist in this free video clip. All private messages have therefore been deleted from Creator Studio and anywhere else on YouTube. Business Inquiry Emails. You can still receive and send email messages to fellow users on the platform using Business Inquiry Emails (visible on Desktop only) when provided by the channel owner on the “About” tab of their channel. How to send a private message on YouTube to Channel : content creators — Derral shows how to send and receive private messages in YouTube's new messaging system. How To Add a Clickable Email. How to Message Someone on YouTube 2019. So the question remains the same, how to Message Someone on YouTube, Right? The answer is Business Enquiry Emails. YouTube Channel Owner. As suggested on the Google Support page, the only way to send a personal message on YouTube is by using Business Enquiry Emails. Here’s how to use this option: YouTube is not the platform you usually associate with messaging. Messaging on YouTube was so unpopular that the company removed it in July of 2018. Luckily, there is still a way to send messages on this popular video-sharing platform YouTube is a video content platform, not a place to send messages or chat with someone. However, you can send a message to someone on YouTube. In this post, we will show you how to message someone on YouTube. The feature was present on the main website, but wasn’t used by a lot of users. How to message someone on Youtube? How to send a message to the YouTube channel owner. Previously that was simple in easy steps like below-Open YouTube. Find the channel. Go in the “About” section. See the message icon or option, click on it; Then send the message to the owner