How to pick a watermelon

how to pick a watermelon

Who doesn’t love watermelon? Most people are obsessed with this delicious and refreshing fruit. Sometimes we think that unless you’re an experienced farmer, buying a juicy, tasty, fully ripe, and sweet watermelon is hit or miss. However, it doesn’t have to be if you look for a few things when you’re picking out your melon. In fact, you can tell whether a watermelon is ripe without. Here are 4 Tips to Pick a Sweet Watermelon. The tips include color, sound, stem condition, and give to the skin of the watermelon. Watermelons do not ripen after they are picked so it is crucial. Here are six tips for How to Pick a Good Watermelon that's ripe and sweet, gathered from lots of conversations with produce people, farmers, and personal experience. If you know how to check for things like the field spot, it's simple to pick a sweet watermelon. If you love watermelon, you're probably familiar with the struggle to pick out a good watermelon at the grocery store. Nothing is worse than coming home with a fresh watermelon, only to realize it's almost flavorless. After some serious research, I figured out how to pick a watermelon at the grocery store that's sweet and juicy. How to Select a Watermelon. Many people have no idea how to select a watermelon. They just knock on this over-sized fruit as if they know what they are doing. Although it can be difficult to know how ripe the interior is just by inspecting the outside, there are several clever tricks you can learn to help you pick the. It isn't summer until you've had your first watermelon of the season. Chances are though, it's been about a year since you've bought your last watermelon. Do you remember how to pick out a good. 5 Key Tips To Pick The Perfect Watermelon August 4th, 2016. By Jake Manning Contributor at Shareably Source: Nothing is as refreshing as the sweet, juicy taste of a watermelon on a summer day. However, a watermelon can only be. How to Pick a Watermelon at the Grocery Store. If you’ve ever walked up to a bin of watermelons and felt totally confused about which one to pick because they seem to all look the same, you’re not alone. It takes a little detective work to pick a good watermelon, but it’s quick and easy. How to Pick a Watermelon: 6 Helpful Tips. Written by Adda Bjarnadottir, MS, RDN (Ice) on October 11, 2019. Bright red and mouthwateringly juicy, watermelon is a nutrient-dense fruit that makes a. How To Pick a Watermelon. Check its weight. A watermelon that feels heavy for its size is a good sign that it’s sweet and ripe on the inside. When doing the lifting check, make sure to compare your chosen watermelon’s weight with another of equal size. Whichever is heavier is probably sweeter than the other. Check the shape.