How to play music through mic

how to play music through mic

With the recent addition of helicopters, my friends and I have been blasting Fortunate Son while sending flame rockets at nakeds from a minicopter but it would be so much easier to use a soundboard or something instead of YouTube on my phone. How To Play Music Through Mic Using Stereo Mix. This method is for those who wish to play audio files though the mic or just to mic spam without using external programs, or heck, without having a mic even. In this tutorial. How To Play Music Through Mic Using Voicemeeter And A Soundboard. Here’s a comprehensive tutorial on how to play music, or any audio file for that matter, through mic using a VoiceMeeter and a soundboard.I’ve gone ahead and updated this in 2019. Hey guy and gals, I have seen some people in games like Dayz & Rust play music through the microphone but they claim not to use any 3rd party software, unless they use voice changers, but to play a song they do something. What exactly I do not know. Any idea on how to do this? I have looked on. I Bought a $3 2TB USB Drive and Got More Than Just Malware - Duration: 11:18. Jays Tech Vault Recommended for you Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed leave a like and subscribe if you desire. If you have any question/concerns/suggestions please leave a comment down below. This video explains how to play music in-game and over your mic. It can be used in TeamSpeak or Discord and in Steam games such as CS:GO or PLAYER UNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. You are still able to. How To Play Music Through Mic. There are many ways to achieve what you’re after. You might have been trying to find a way to play sounds in a game or a voice application as if it came out of a microphone. How to play music through mic? Ive seen a lot of people do this, and im wondering how to do it without having to have outside sounds or my voice coming through. Basically, I want the music played but not my voice or outside noises like my dog or something. How to Play Music through Mic on Windows? February 19, 2019 February 18, 2019 by Mohsin Boruah. Many people are searching on the Internet about ways to play music/sound through Mic on their Windows. As you know, while doing a video call your Mic should be working properly as the other should listen to your voice properly.