How to reset iphone

how to reset iphone

Stuck at Apple Logo: If an iPhone is stuck at the Apple logo during startup, a simple restart may not be enough to solve the problem.Find out how to fix an iPhone stuck on the Apple logo.; Restore to Factory Settings: If you want to erase all the data from an iPhone and start from scratch.This solves some tough bugs. Before you sell your iPhone, restore it to factory settings. Make sure your Mac or PC is updated. If you're using iTunes, make sure you have the latest version.If you can't access a computer and your device still works, you can erase and restore your device without a computer. If you want to save the information on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, make a backup. Go to Settings [your name] iCloud, tap Find My iPhone, then turn it off. Restart iPod touch. How to restart your iPhone X or 11. Press and hold either volume button and the side button until the power off slider appears. Drag the slider, then wait 30 seconds for your device to turn off. How to reset iPhone 11? How to factory reset iPhone 11? How to wipe data from iPhone 11? How to erase contents from iPhone 11? How to erase all content and settings in iPhone 11? If you're selling your iPhone or sending it in for repairs, you don't want to leave your personal data and photos where prying eyes can see them. Before you sell or ship it, safeguard your data by restoring your iPhone to factory settings. When you factory reset an iPhone, the phone returns to the condition it was in when it left the factory. Solution Two: How to Reset iPhone without password via settings It might seem silly to mention, but this will, of course, only work if you have previously done an iCloud backup in the past.Not so obvious, but it will also only work if you have 'Find my iPhone' enabled, to allow Apple to identify your phone and you as the correct user. Resetting an iPhone can alleviate software woes and wipe personal data. Here's how to factory reset an iPhone from iOS or iTunes. If you plan to sell your iPhone or pass it on to someone, or you. in this video you'll learn how to hard reset an iPhone 6S+,6S,6,SE,5S,5C,5,4S, iPad or Watch to factory settings. beside,with this method you can remove/reset any disabled or Password locked. How to Hard Reset iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR Video Tutorial. This is how you can hard reset your iPhone XS using the Side button and Volume buttons. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to force restart (or hard reset) an iPhone X. Once your device boots up to the Lock screen, you'll be able to use it normally and all of your data will remain.