How to take screenshot on mac

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When you take a screenshot in macOS Mojave or later, a thumbnail of the screenshot appears briefly in the lower-right corner of your screen. Take no action or swipe the thumbnail to the right: The screenshot is automatically saved to your chosen save location, which by default is the desktop. Do you need to take a screenshot of the Mac screen? Snapping screenshots on the Mac is very easy, achieved through the usage of keyboard shortcuts. Basically this means that you will press a combination of keystrokes on the Mac keyboard to capture the screenshot. Mac OS has powerful screenshot tools How to take Screenshot on Mac? Taking Screenshot on your Mac is easy. But you need to know the perfect combination of keys to do it. Here in this video I have shown you 4 ways to take screenshot on Mac computer. You can easily share taken screenshot directly from Preview app. As I have said, there are 4 different ways to take perfect. How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac. This wikiHow will show you various ways in which to take a screenshot on a Mac. Make sure your screen displays exactly what you want to show in your screenshot image. Ensure all the relevant windows are. How to take a screenshot on a Mac hold down ⌘ command: and shift: and press 3 = Your Mac captures the entire screen and saves it as a file on the desktop.