How to trim a beard

how to trim a beardhow to trim a beardhow to trim a beardhow to trim a beard

How to Trim Your Beard. A well-trimmed, well-styled beard can be a great addition to your personal look. The creative possibilities for facial hair are practically endless - here are just a few general techniques and ideas to keep in mind. Yes, you can trim your beard at home. You can even properly define your neckline and shape it up however you please. But you need to know a few things first, which is why we've outlined everything you need for keeping it nice and tidy. How to Trim Your Beard: 1. Comb it out: Get all of your hairs settled into one direction. Comb everywhere, including the mustache and bottom. 2. Use clippers for an even cut: If you want to maintain the length showcased here (half an inch), try a number 4 setting. If you aren't sure, just start with Beard grooming has never been so easy: These eight beard care tricks will keep your facial hair looking resplendent. After scribbling down your notes, head on over to our beard-growing tutorial and discover the best products to supplement this list here. A truly epic beard is the product of self How to Trim a Beard. Trimming the entire beard is where a good hair clipper with a large selection of attachments comes in handy. Scissor skills are hard to learn, and one improper snip can destroy the shape of your beard. Hair clippers are much easier to use well. How To Trim A Beard. A little trimming allows for maximum impact. Gillette® has all the tips, tricks, and tools you need to make your beard a showstopper. Trim after you shower and when your beard is dry—your hair will be hydrated and easier to cut, and will give you a better idea of how it will look once it’s tamed. Growing a beard is the easy bit, knowing how to trim your beard, however, is an artform, but it needn't take all day. You can show off your wisdom, not by stroking your beard, but by trimming it properly. You can find our expert beard trimming guide and tips here. Learn how to trim a beard from Thad Forrester at Hudson Hawk Barber Shop in Springfield, MO () Reviving the lost art of manlines. Learn How to Trim a Beard and what tools to use including shears, combs, trimmers, clippers so you can trim your beard on your own at home & look sharp.