How to use a protractor

how to use a protractor

How to Use a Protractor. A protractor is a handy tool used to measure and draw angles. Generally, semi-circular in shape, protractors are also available in full-circle, 360-degree versions. If one look at the object has you completely. A protractor is an instrument used to measure or draw angles. Most protractors are either circular or semicircular, and are typically made of transparent plastic for better precision. Here are some step-by-step instructions, provided by ScienceStruck, on how to use a protractor. Using a Protractor. This is a protractor, it helps you measure angles (in degrees). Protractors are fun and easy to use. Have a look at this animation (press the play button) to see how to make a neat angle using a protractor and ruler: How to Measure an Angle Using a Protractor. A protractor is a handy tool that allows you to precisely measure the number of degrees in any angle. The typical protractor is made of clear plastic and has two sets of numbers around the edge. How to Use a Protractor to Measure a Triangle. How to Construct a Rhombus With a Compass & Straight Edge. How to Divide Rational Numbers. Test Your Knowledge on Middle School Science. A protractor is a measuring instrument, typically made of transparent plastic or glass, for measuring angles.Most protractors measure angles in degrees (°). Radian-scale protractors measure angles in radians.Most protractors are divided into 180 equal parts. Some precision protractors further divide degrees into arcminutes. They are used for a variety of mechanical and engineering-related. What I have right in front of me is the Khan Academy measuring angles exercise. I have a small part of it in this screen right over here. And it's a pretty cool exercise because it has this little virtual protractor that we can use to actually measure angles. After this lesson, check out our newest video upload: Comparing Equivalent Fractions | 4th Grade Fractions → . How to Use a protractor graphic organizer - diagram a process Maybe I can help. GAH! Math is so stupid! It doesn't make any sense! This protractor thing